ICONIC T’ALES: Tavern’s 20th Anniversary Beer Festival 17 to 19 MAY

It’s our 20th Anniversary this year.  In terms of British pub history, we would like to remind you that we are still 20 YEARS YOUNG (in pub years).  

You could say that we fell in love with a “pint pot” when the front door of the pub opened on the 19th of MAY 1999.  20 years later, we’re still in love with a pint pot and the traditions of British pubs.

Our May Beer Festival starts on Friday 17th May when we open at 4 pm and carries on until Sunday, 19th May.

This year for our annual spring beer festival we wanted to pick a theme capturing our 20 year experience serving British ales.  Perhaps, with some nostalgia, some reminiscing and definitely with an appreciation of the developments and innovation in brewing over the past 20 years.

So, this year ……

The Theme of our Beer Festival is “ICONIC T’ALES” 

The festival will feature 20 plus Ales that fall into the category of ICONIC.  These are some of the ones that have been part of our 20 year journey in the TAVERN. 

So, what is ICONIC, you might ask?  Well, there will be award winners, ones that you remember when you had your first pint, ones that are still your favourites and ones that you still love at first sip.  Many of our festival ales will be ones that influenced and contributed to the making of the modern day British brewing scene with its wide range of breweries brewing ales of exceptional quality and diversity.  We’re aiming for some ‘CRACKING PINTS”.

So, are we looking at things through rose tinted glasses and things really aren’t as you remembered them, you might ask?  Only you’ll be able to answer that question by sampling our festival ales.  We hope you’ll be able to join us and let us know your thoughts and what your taste buds say.

More importantly, we’d like you to continue to let us know what you consider your personal iconic beers to be.  And, for the remainder of our birthday year, we’re aiming to source and serve those ICOINIC pints you love from days gone by or from the vibrant modern day brewing scene.  So, send us a tweet, an email or have a word with us when you’re in the pub.  We’re planning to continue pouring cracking pints, before, during and after the Beer Festival.

The Festival Beer List will be available closer to the time of the Festival.

Old Cross Tavern ‘20 Years Young’ Awarded Bronze

The Old Cross Tavern is in the TOP THREE --- something we’re very proud to announce.  

Out of close to 300 pubs in the South Herts CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) branch area - the Old Cross Tavern was awarded BRONZE in South Herts CAMRA’s pub of the year competition for 2019.

It is our 20th anniversary this year (2019). 20 years YOUNG we are (in pub years that is!).  It is also our 11th South Herts CAMRA Award in these 20 years.

  • GOLD: South Herts CAMRA Pub of the Year

1999, 2000 (joint winner), 2008, 2011, 2018

  • SILVER: South Herts CAMRA Pub of the Year

2004, 2005, 2010

  • BRONZE:  South Herts CAMRA Pub of the Year

2012, 2017, 2019

Thanks, so much, to all who have made their way to the TAVERN since we opened our front door in 1999.  A pub is simply not a pub without people and what you bring to it.  You can have the premises, great beer, and a great location but without the people who come to the pub, it is not a pub.  You are the personality and heart of this pub.  You are what makes this a vibrant community pub.    Everyone here has done an admirable job!


We're really proud to announce that we made the final three of this year’s Hertfordshire Food & Drink Awards, in the Pub Category. This competition covers the whole of the county so to make the last stage is absolutely flattering.  We attended the awards ceremony which was held at The Henry Moore Foundation in Perry Green where there was lots of friendly chat, inspiration and sunshine.  We'd like to thank the competition organisers for considering us and of course all of our customers for helping us to keep pushing the pub on to new heights.

South Herts CAMRA Pub of the Year 2018

A special announcement: South Herts CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) awarded the Old Cross Tavern ‘Pub of the Year 2018’ 

A very special thank you to all for contributing to the “Spirit of a Community Pub!” in the Old Cross Tavern.  The Old Cross Tavern Team get FIVE GOLD STARS for their work front of house, behind the scenes, and in particular in our real ale cellar, it is as simple as because of them the Old Cross Tavern is Pub of Year 2018, South Herts CAMRA.

We would like to thank South Herts CAMRA for the recognition that comes with this award and for their long standing campaign efforts and also for excellent communication, especially at the local level and in the pub.  It is very motivating for all on the Old Cross Tavern team to have received the appreciation that comes with this award.

Since the Old Cross Tavern opened its doors in May 1999, it is now a 5 times winner of South Herts CAMRA Pub of the Year (1999, 2000 - joint winner, 2008, 2011, 2018).  And, in the 19 years trading, it has appeared 10 times in the top three of this award.

Charity Fund Raising

Fund raising for the Breast Cancer Now Charity (our nominated charity) is ongoing. To date, from April 2014 to December 2018 a total of £10,802 has been raised during beer festivals and the ‘Something for Everyone” 2014 charity auction plus pub quizzes, raffles & collection boxes including contributions from the Old Cross Tavern. A very special thank you to our customers, suppliers and local businesses for their generous support and sponsorship of the fund raising activities.

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